This is an occasion years in the making and should be celebrated as the outstanding achievement it is. We want to help you commemorate it with beautiful portraits that you and your family can treasure.

We offer a unique portrait service for graduates that's light, vibrant and full of personality that you can be proud to share... (but not as proud as your degree cos... well.. that's pretty epic!!)

Starting at £25 we can provide you stunning graduation portraits the whole family will love.




“We absolutely love the photos that Jon took at both my daughter’s and son’s graduation. We have them proudly displayed in our home where they complement the formal photos beautifully.”


How long will the session take?

That is entirely driven by you and what you'd like to get from your graduation pictures. During regular graduation we're limited to 10 minutes per graduate because of the volume of people. This year, we can be more flexible. The more people who come with you, the longer it will take but we'll advise of time scale during consultation. Even a full on session shouldn't take more than an hour.

Is this safe to do with Covid19 still around?

We will take every precaution necessary to ensure both your safety and the safety of the team. We can comfortably work outside of a 2m distance and all shoots will be outside.

How much do sessions cost?

The price will vary depending on how long you need and how many images you want. The standard cost for a 10 minute session, which includes 5 shots of you and additional shots with family/partner/etc is £25. If you wanted to spend more time on poses and moving to various near by locations, the price would increase but at a lower rate. We'll happily discuss this with you.

Do you supply Graduation Robes?

We do not. But we know a few suppliers who will send you robes, cap and hood for your chosen university through the post (some of them have a sale on at the time of writing). We will forward links to you during our discussions.

My friend is graduating from the same course, can we share a session?

Of course!! As long as you both adhere to the government social distancing guidelines we have no problem with friends joining in. There will be a £10 charge for an extra graduate (terms & conditions apply... that's the legal bit).

What area can you cover?

At the moment we're only able to cover Cardiff, Caerphilly and the Vale of Glamorgan. If travel restrictions are eased then this area will increase.

Can I choose where to have the session?

Of course. Normally we'd be in front of City Hall because that's where the action is but there's nothing to say we couldn't do your portraits on a beach, by the lake, up a mountain... anywhere really (as long as it's outdoors and within a reasonable distance from Cardiff).

I'd like portraits taken but I don't want to hire a gown.

That's absolutely fine. However you want to celebrate, we're here to help make that happen.

What if it rains?

We don't mind working in the rain... to a point. If we need to postpone because of the weather then we can do, subject to availability, but we'll do whatever we can to make sure that rearranging is the last resort.