Once again, we proudly return to the 5-9,

Firstly, let me tell you what the 5-9 Club is.

The 5-9 is an incredible creation designed to support budding entrepreneurs to start, grow and progress their business ideas. Supported by Welsh ICE, the 5-9 is an 8 week programme for people with a side hustle, a new business or just an idea to explore, develop and learn how to run a business without giving up the security of a day job.

Visiting experts from the worlds of marketing, SEO, branding, sales, HR and so many others visit and impart skills, knowledge and tips on how to use these skills to improve business and build strong and professional relationships. We've even been ourselves a few times to talk about... non photography related things.

5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019
5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019
5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019

It all culminates in a pitch night where members of the cohort come together to pitch their businesses to the rest of the group and visiting supporters. Over the time the 5-9 has run, it has supported over 150 businesses and given them an opportunity to make their business dreams something more tangible and attainable.

We've photographed several of these pitch nights and have seen PA's, VA's, artists, event planners, celebrants, animatronics engineers, videographers, and businesses we struggle to describe in a singe word but who do amazing things!!!

5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019
5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019

Last night took place in the Lion in Treorchy and saw 14 businesses take the floor to passionately explain their ideas, their rationale and their vision.

The best thing about these events are the support the room provides.

You have an idea, there will be people in the room who know someone who did what you do, they can put you in touch to discuss how to do it better.

You sell a product, there's someone who knows a distributor or local business who'd love to sell it.

You provide a service, there's someone who knows someone who's crying out for that service.

The environment is incredibly supportive and open and so refreshing to meet people with many of the same values and aims as we do.

There was a bee keeper who has 7 Gallons of a tonne of honey left. A tonne!! That's a butt load of honey!! Suffice to say, many of the business ideas are fascinating and mind blowing. How the hell do you get into bee keeping?! I'm fixating far too much on the bee keeping... Let's move on.

5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019
5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019
5-9 club Treorchy cohort 2019

We were particularly moved by a wonderful young lady starting Odd Body Media who wants to make videos for the food and drink industries. Her passion for creating these films was clear and we spent a a long time talking to her with Steve from Insight Video Marketing (who we work with a lot) answering her questions and discussing methods for winning clients.

And THAT'S the amazing thing about the 5-9 and Welsh ICE (Blog post to follow).

The communities are incredible. Supportive, enabling and encouraging. We weren't the only group stood round after the pitches with sandwiches and tea (we were driving) discussing what we'd heard, imparting knowledge and offering support and involvement.

This is what the 5-9 is about.

This is what a collaborative business community is about.

And we love being a part of it.